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What’s The Difference Between Roach Gel And Roach Bait

When it comes to getting rid of a roach problem in or around your home, elimination and prevention are of the greatest importance. Plus, finding a product that is best for you is critical to the success of destroying the enemy. So, you are probably wondering what is the difference between baits and gels and which should you choose when cockroaches invade your home? Before we delve into that we would like you to view roach bait or gel as a form of biological warfare!

Roach Bait

As I have stated earlier, it is imperative that you all view roach bait as a form of biological warfare. Why? The purpose of it is infiltration. It is not a contact killing pesticide like a spray. Roach baits are normally used in common places where roaches tend to congregate. They are designed to be the perfect size to place in the perfect location. Where you may ask? Places like underneath or inside cabinets, definitely near trash cans, and in other areas like in front of visible cracks. Before I forget let me address what I stated earlier. The purpose of using roach bait is to infiltrate the source and destroy it. With a pesticide like a spray you may kill the roach on site but what about the source? You may not even know how much the roach has already reproduced! This is why roach bait can be so effective. Inside the station there is a small bait which hopefully the roaches will eat, take back to the nest, and share. The concept is once the bait is shared with other roaches it will simply wipe out the entire nest. If you haven’t figured out by now we actually favor roach bait. They are quite effective and perfect for year-round defense against roaches and can be replaced regularly throughout the home to get rid of roaches, and prevent roaches from returning. That is if it’s used properly. One of the most frustrating things we have seen is when homeowners spray insecticides in areas where roach bait has been placed. How stupid can you be? Once you contaminate the bait it is highly unlikely that roaches will consume it thereby defeating the whole purpose of it. Bait is effective because you are hiding a poison in a consumable product that was designed to attract them so please don’t spray an insecticide in baited areas!

Roach Gel

Technically speaking, roach gels are designed to serve the same purpose as roach bait. The difference is the gel was created to enable homeowners to place it in hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and crevices. And I am now fairly confident that you all know why that is so important. If not allow me to remind that these are locations where roaches frequently hide. Gels are the perfect in that it’s a great combination of food and water that roaches tend to desire, thus, making it a optimal way to reach the source of the infestation. However, I’m not going to lie to you all I am really not a fan of roach gels. For some reason roaches have demonstrated a certain aversion to specific types of bait and gels tend to be one of them at times. It also doesn’t help that roach gel baits dry out over time and becomes pretty much unattractive to the cockroaches. Now yes I know that gel baits can come with a variety of active ingredients but who in the world wants to invest the time and money experimenting with all of them?

So which one is better? Well, actually roach baits have proven to be more reliable than gels! But for anyone that is suffering from roach infestation of any kind we really recommend a multi-pronged approach. Meaning you use them both in combination folks, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Key is Consistency

No matter what product you decide to go with it is vitally important that you consistently use it properly in order to gauge what direction you should go in. It amazes us that so many people purchase pest control products to eliminate roaches but don’t have a clue as to what works best for them because they fail to follow instructions and they definitely fail to use the product consistently. We totally understand that sometimes it feels like roaches are from the planet Krypton. Unfortunately people, unlike Superman, there are no kryptonite (roach gel or roach bait) available that you can simply open once and it immediately solves the problem. You must learn to view pest control as a sort of treatment for your home or apartment. It must be done consistently in order to truly get the result that you want. Hopefully this will give you greater clarity on how you should approach using whatever product (whether it be roach gel or roach bait) you select if you are just hell bent on sticking with just one.